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Old 31-01-2007, 08:49 AM
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Default Forum Rules

First of all welcome to our little community. All are welcome, we are a diverse group who share a common and cliched bond, which is the sound of leather. Mostly on willow, but we do wonder about the private lives of a few members.

This forum came about as a result of a mass exodus from a forum destroyed by an invasion of morons (no, not the Barmy Army, but close). We formed to keep our small community together. We are a close forum but we are always receptive to new members. Indeed they are our lifeblood. And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. In reality, most newbies are treated like absolute shit and subject to considerable abuse. If you have the intestinal fortitude to stick around, welcome aboard. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

First and foremost though, we are a community and as such we have friends, enemies, and people we don't give a toss about. These last two categories composes most of the membership really. We have the same arguments, agreements and downright shitfights about anything and everything that anyone else does. Actually, there isn't a lot of agreement, now that we think about it. The bottom line is that everyone will be treated with equal contempt by everyone whether they have 1 post or 20,000, whether they be a moderator or a newbie.

What that doesn't mean is that we all have a licence to be as awful to each other as possible. However, in reality, that is how most members act. We are a race of internet warriors - firm in our convictions and fierce in our defense of our positions from the protection of complete anonymity. In real life, we would NEVER say most of the things we sprout forth here, as they would result in a punch on the nose.

Our few rules are thus:

1. No spamming the forum. Monty Python references not withstanding.

2. No posting of pornographic or otherwise inappropriate images or videos or links to such sites. Unless they are really good. And before you ask, nothing to do with scat is really good. Accept it, if you like that stuff, you are just a complete freak who needs to get a life. That shit, pun intended, is what drove us to make this forum in the first place.

3. No promotion of drugs other than medicinal. And no, the wacky weed is NOT medicinal. Have a look outside at the real world - its a great place already you fuckwit so stop taking drugs.

4. No
personal abuse of family members. Family members should be respected at all times. Likewise, unnecessary personal abuse of other members is not allowed. Necessary personal abuse of other members is actively encouraged.

5. No posts which directly or indirectly could be seen as inciting religious or racial hatred or inciting hatred or threatening and encouraging violence towards a particular community. How fucking hard is it to understand this concept?

6. Racial or homophobic abuse is strictly prohibited.

7. Multiple user logins not allowed. Unless you are a mod.

8. Abusing or harassing members through the private message feature strictly prohibited. Unless you are a mod.

9. Divulging personal information of members without consent is prohibited. Unless it is a really shocking or embarrassing revelation.

10. The promotion or advertising of illegal copyrighted file sharing media and software is not allowed. Unless it is something that we would also like a copy of.

****A few important addenda*****

i) Anybody who is seen as trying to jeopardize, hijack or bring the forum into disrepute in any way are liable to be subject to warnings and or suspensions/bans. And yes Mr UZ - I am looking at you.

ii) Members should also be aware that causing upset to other members without cause is not to be tolerated and neither is response in kind to such abuse. Admittedly, what justifies cause is reasonably open. Offering a contrary opinion is often considered just cause for calling someone a fucking idiot. Robust and even heated discussions are tolerated and even encouraged but there is a line which should be obvious to the majority.
You would think. Sigh.

iii) And finally, moderators are sole arbiters as to what constitutes a violation of the code of conduct. As a team, we discuss all violations, usually disagree violently and call each other names, and then, finally, present a united front about the decision.

Any serious complaints should be directed to one or more of admin staff and will be treated seriously. Petty complaints will also be treated as abuse of forum rules, try to sort out your differences "on the field of play" as it were.

Anyone found in contravention of the above rules will initially be warned followed by more severe action being taken for repeat offence which may include a ban. Bans may vary from a very short period, through to a life ban (what has become known as a "Fiery exit").

All decisions made by the mod/admin team will undergo internal discussion. The decisions made by the team are final, and no correspondence will be entered into publicly on the board. If you strongly disagree or feel aggrieved by a decision, please pm one of the admin/mod team, and request a review by stating your reasons. It will be discussed again by the team in private, and you will be advised of the decision via pm. If the team decides to overturn a ruling, a public posting to that effect will be made.
Alternatively, if you don't like it here, you can just fuck off - don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

To contact admin PM one of the admin staff.

The main admins/mods are : Grandmaster UZ, fletch, sYed and Stumpy.

Stuart and The Magnificent Mr.X come along for the lulz.


CFF Staff

Last edited by Pathos : 24-03-2013 at 10:14 AM. Reason: Didn't stumpy leave in a huff.

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